This group is a public space for anyone who is interested in people’s and \ or nations’ mentality, as well as anything related to it: personal values and beliefs, views and principles. So, mentality is about any of us and for all of us since there is not a single person without mentality, beliefs and mindsets. Mental approach, mental technologies and mentologists are altogether the instrument to understand and influence in this sphere. Here the mentologists talk about everything with those who are not mentologists yet.

The Center of Mental Technologies is a team of specialists who investigate the Human Mind Potential with the help of the mental approach. The Center of Mental Technologies provides consulting and educational services for private individuals and companies. Mental approach aims at guiding a person’s life changes that take place or might occur by means of altering both their behavior patterns and the mental attitudes which determine them.

These technologies can influence all humanitarian reality aspects, which can imply both qualitative change by means of mind matrix correction and installation of new ideas and meanings as a basis of any conscious activity. (далее…)

Mentology as an approach is the theory and practice of operating with an individual’s mentality which has been created by Aleksey Murashov and have been widely tested over a period of more than 15 years in education, consulting, corporate management, humanitarian projects and social practices. During these years it has proved to be efficient both in its conceptual idea and in its capability for correction of mental content in any contexts.

Mentology program is a professional program addressing those who want to receive or upgrade their qualification in understanding people’s mentality (restricting mindsets and beliefs) and being able to operate with it. The fact that the mental approach is widely applicable in different segments of personal and corporate communication enables us to recommend it to specialists whose work is directly connected with dealing with people, especially (далее…)