What we can do for you

Cross-cultural communication

Have you ever had misunderstanding when socializing with Russian people? Or are you somewhat confused about how to deal with them in a particular situation?
Do you have Russian colleagues, friends or business partners? Or you might have just come to the country of Russia and want to understand and get along with new culture.

We can explain the hidden motives and share some tips with you about successful interaction with Russian people in a variety of social contexts: corporate, social and personal relationships. Based on our knowledge of Russian mentality, a system of cultural meanings, ground beliefs and values, we will consider your case and recommend to you how to behave in a questionable situation.

Value-based change management in personal and corporate practices

If you want / need to:
— change some aspects of your life;
— solve problems in interpersonal communication connected with understanding other people and their peculiar psychological states;
— perform qualitative shift in your self- development;

we will help you to find out and change the ground beliefs which influence your overall way of life and therefore predetermine your current situation.
We consider personal beliefs system, mentality, as a latent source of all taken decisions, actions, and responses to events. Our method is problem-based questioning of subject’s mind content through the logic of identifying causal links within it and making them meaningful for a subject.