What does mental approach mean?

Mental approach and technologies are the theory and practice of mental operations which have been widely tested over a period of more than 15 years in education, consulting, corporate management, humanitarian projects and social practices.

The mental approach looks at both reality and a person through the lens of the cultural and individual meaning matrix (mentality) that has developed out of the process of formation of the personality and further interpretation of individual and collective life experience. Each person is a bearer of mentality which is basically a program of survival and life organization (“life program”), which predetermines thoughts and a possible set of person’s actions in any possible life situation even long before the actual situation occurs. Mentality is expressed through a system of personal values, beliefs and life rules, fixed in a particular form of reasoning, unconscious decisions and person’s sensations, as well as in his or her perception and interpretation of reality.

In most cases the “life program” becomes obsolete over the time, because it is not being revised, and therefore causes conflicts with surrounding reality and troubles both to the person and the outer world. A mentologist (a specialist in working with reasoning) is capable of identifying mental mindsets and correcting them independently. This allows alteration of the “life program” to make it more successful and adequate to the aims and inner meanings of the subject. In group work and business consulting, a mentologist can identify conflicting mindsets and beliefs of the participants and the awareness of this by every participant or leader will make possible the creation of a more productive and friendly culture of interaction within any community. In the case of business companies, this means the creation of a more efficient corporate culture. Group mentality is always the sum of the mentalities of all a community’s members.


Mental approach aims at guiding a person’s life changes that take place or might occur by means of altering both their behavior patterns and the mental attitudes which determine them.
These techniques can affect all of aspects of human reality, which implies both qualitative change by means of meaning matrix correction and installation of new ideas and meanings as a basis of any conscious activity.


Mentality is the highest form of an individual’s self-organization. Mental Technologies are applicable to any sphere related to working with people. The key features of the mental approach are the educational nature of the activity and qualitative changes in people.
Currently, the mental approach is actively used in educational and consulting spheres relating to personal growth and training (or increase of individual effectiveness) of consultants skilled at working with people.