The Center of Mental Technologies

The Center of Mental Technologies is a team of specialists who investigate the Human Mind Potential with the help of the mental approach. The Center of Mental Technologies provides consulting and educational services for private individuals and companies. Mental approach aims at guiding a person’s life changes that take place or might occur by means of altering both their behavior patterns and the mental attitudes which determine them.

These technologies can influence all humanitarian reality aspects, which can imply both qualitative change by means of mind matrix correction and installation of new ideas and meanings as a basis of any conscious activity.

Mentality is the highest form of an individual’s self-organization. Mental Technologies are applicable in any area related to working with people. The key features of the mental approach are the educational nature of the activity and qualitative changes in people. Currently, the mental approach is actively used in educational and consulting spheres relating to personal growth and training (or increase of individual effectiveness) of consultants skilled at working with people.